What kind of a dating/traveling site would we be if we didn’t have this classic list? But these types of lists are becoming more oversaturated than Pitbull in a pop song so we decided to put a little spin on it and have a little world cup of sexiest accents. We grouped together different regions from the world and picked the top accent based mainly off of our own opinion and how often it showed up on other lists.

For purposes of not making this article as long as your thesis paper, we won’t be including every single region on the planet by its Wikipedia description but instead took continents and broke them down accordingly to how rich in prominent accents each one has.

North America: Southern American

We’re already going with some controversy on here. The Southern American accent is contentious even among Americans and we were tempted to put Atlantic Canadian or Brooklyn for sheer amusement factor. The sweet and drawling tongue of a southern beau like Matthew McConaughey or belle like Jennifer Lawrence is too irresistible to ignore though.

Central America and the Caribbean: Trinidadian

With such an eclectic ancestry that ranges from Pan-African to French to Hindi it’s no wonder the Trini accent is some kind of funky. Jamaican would’ve been another alternative here but it’s become played out with way too many bad imitations. Try imitating a Trini accent. Most people can’t even recognize it or find Trinidad and Tobago on the map but trust us when we say it’s all kinds of rhythmic. 

South America: Brazilian

The Brazilians stand out from the predominantly Spanish-speaking region for their more free-willing version of Portuguese. The drawn out vowels and rolling ‘r’s add to the colourful spirit the native speakers also possess. The Argentinians were a fine second choice but the Brazilian Portuguese was just too soothing to not crown.

Western Europe: Irish

This was the toughest region and you could even say this was the “Region of Death” (soccer reference). The British and French were the obvious choices here with their classic globally-renowned accents while the Scottish were also strong contenders.  But give it up for the Irish. They have a strangely charming accent even more popularized by Colin Farrell. Just skip the bad leprechaun impersonations.

Central and Eastern Europe: Czech

The third and final region in Europe is the most packed. There were plenty of contenders with the silvery Swiss, the dulcet Dutch or the rumbling Russians but the Czechs have that uncanny blend of sounding really sultry and tough at the same time. They’re not as infamous as the Russians but the Bohemian tone carries a lot of weight with a hidden promise of a fun time.

Southern Europe: Spanish

Another difficult region and no surprises here. The southern parts of Europe where all the fun sunny destinations lie is also where a lot of hot action happens. The local peoples of Iberia and the Mediterranean have the dark features, life-loving personalities and sexy accents as molded by their summery settings. We’ll have to give the edge to the most widely spoken Romance language in Spanish.   

Asia: Thai

Asian countries are known for many things: family-centric cultures and delectable foods but not a sexy accent. If you look through people’s lists of most pleasing accents, you’d be hard-pressed to find Asian accents most likely because a vast majority of the continent doesn’t speak English to begin with. But the Thai with their monosyllabic native tongue manage to mold the English language into a seductive calling. Or it might just be the sex trade shaping it. Still sexy.

Africa: Nigerian

Like Asia, this continent just doesn’t get enough love in the sexiest accents discussion. They have a fair share of ear-pleasing tones from the Moroccans to the South Africans but it’s the rich “ohs” and “eh’s” that give the Nigerians’ tones a smoky quality that is at the same time, distinguished. A lot of complexity in their accents.

Oceania: Australian

While giving a shout out to their cousins over at New Zealand, the Aussie accent is hard to deny in this region. For a country that was initially left on its own, it’s flourished and often makes people’s sexy lists and thanks to influence from sexy international stars like Hugh Jackman and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr it’ll continue to.