1. You’re more likely to be in a positive and open mindset.

You’re on vacation mode! Whether you’re visiting another country to study, shop or just visit, you’re more likely to have a cheerier vibe and that automatically makes you more attractive. Furthermore, you are more inclined to do things that may be out of your character but for good reasons. You’re more likely to go explore, try new things and just take things as they come as opposed to having a set schedule, follow a routine or make plans that you stringently follow.

When it comes to dating someone abroad, there might also be less pressure of commitment or thinking of things long-term (not that you are wholly incapable of making anything serious out of your international flings). You just seize the romantic feelings and run with it.

2. Grass is greener syndrome.

The part of the appeal of traveling is getting to experience life from outside the proverbial box. You’re not in buttf*ck Egypt Kansas anymore. You’re strapping on those John Lennon style rose-tinted shades and seeing the world like the wonder that it is. Novelty will touch most of whatever you do whether it’s food, resorts or even the people.

It’s not a secret that if you take a French charmer of a person they will get bonus points in North America just by being foreign. Accents are hot. Their unique style is new and refreshing. Their outlook on life will be embraced. And the way they live life will be a welcomed addition. And the best part is this also applies in spades on the reverse. You are not just a regular guy or girl but someone else entirely in the eyes of whichever place you’re visiting.

You may be Generic Jane or Everyday Edgar in Canada but you may just be the coolest cat in town when you’re overseas. With your appeal being increased, your attractiveness to the local dating scene will be upped.

3. You’re ballsier and more likely to take risks.

Traveling is a hobby for many but everyone remembers that first time they boarded a plane to god knows wherever. It was exciting but you either had ice-cold blood or are flat out lying if you’re suggesting you were not one bit nervous at all.

Visiting a different place means leaving the safe confines of your own place and with that takes some semblance of bravery. But as it ties to the first point, you learn to open your mind and be more open to taking risks. And hey, maybe those good looking people at the bars and nightclubs you wouldn’t normally approach after your 9-5 at home are good to go on your trip around Europe.

4. You have little reason not to.

Provided you’re not already in a committed relationship there really is little reason to not engage in some good ol’ romance while abroad. When you’re traveling you’re really more conscious to the fact that time is fleeting and you make the most out of your experiences and this includes romancing the socks off of every prospective partner you come across. Not to mention you’re more likely to have sex or engage in amorous activities when you’re in a happier state of mind. It’s science, baby. Life is short, enjoy it and be happy.

5. It’s inevitable.

Unless you’re traveling to a little deserted island in hopes of reenacting Tom Hanks’s Cast Away, chances are you’ll be meeting and befriending a lot of people. The more you meet, the higher the chances you’ll find someone that really makes something click.