Filipino women or “Filipinas” are some of the most beautiful, amiable and exciting people you can date. And that’s not a hyperbole. There are plenty of Filipinas across the globe. Filipinos make up a percent of the North American population and are in the top six largest ethnic minority groups.

Filipinas are all shaped differently by their environment. A Filipina who spends their predominant life around a non-Filipino community will appear very different from one who does and a Filipina who has only spent a few years living in the western world will be drastically different from one who was born there. However, Filipinas will share a few things in common with each other. And for this article we’ll focus in on Filipinas in the western world.

If you’re non too familiar with Filipinas and their ways, then just keep in mind these simple do’s and don’ts on how to behave accordingly when trying to woo one:


Respect Family: this has to be number one on this list. You can do everything else on this list to perfection but if you choose to ignore this then you are screwed. Filipinas are some of the most family-oriented people and not just towards blood-related family but those they consider close. If you cannot get along with their closed ones, then fuhgetaboutit! Your relationship is done before it started.  This also applies to your own family. Love your family and love hers. Simple?

Value your education and job: plenty of Filipinas came from families who have hardworking immigrant parents so they have firsthand exposure to just how tough life can be. They won’t necessarily expect you to be rolling in bling but they expect you to maintain and respect whatever job or education you’re in. They’re cool and all but they don’t eff around with this.

Be very open to communication: this sounds like a “d’oh” item here. Every healthy couple communicates openly but this goes double for Filipinas. As it ties to the first point, Filipinas like to foster unity and peace among their loved ones and that won’t be possible if you’re not communicating honestly with her. If you think her cooking sucks or her brother is a total asshat tell her about it—kindly, but tell her about it.

Be adventurous – especially with food: speaking of cooking, I’m not going to say all Filipinas love to cook. But I will say they likely have an arsenal of some of the most “exotic” food selections. Just keep an open mind, try some things out (even if they look funny to you) and you may just be surprised!

Rock that karaoke like a badass: there is no denying this stereotype. Filipinas love to sing. Those who don’t have probably been exposed to too many bad renditions of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You by their “tito” (uncle). So if you’re going to get jiggy with a Fiipina, make sure you get comfy with singing with a mic first.


Make fun of her faith or culture: Jesus jokes are funny but don’t ever do it with Filipinas. Granted, maybe some of them will find it funny but plenty (if not most) Filipinas are very religious and the quickest way for you to wear out your welcome is by constantly taking shots at their faith. Filipino culture is also something you can’t put down too much even if many of it doesn’t make sense to you. Just go back to the open communication part and talk it out like adults. No silly joking.

Be a penny-pincher: this is a tough one. While many Filipinas are economical in their spending, they are also very giving. Be wise with your money but don’t ever hold back from giving to her or her family or friends especially when it’s a special occasion. Not to say Filipinas are materialistic but it’s a complete turnoff if you’re booked being cheap on purpose.

Focus on her looks too much: yes, Filipinas are very beautiful. They don’t dominate in beauty pageants for no reason. Filipinas have ancestry that stretches from Spain to East Asia to South Asia to the Americas so they have an eclectic mix but don’t let that affect your treatment of her too much. You’re there to be her partner and her friend, not a fanboy.

Argue incessantly (even if you are “right”): the keyword here is “argument”. While you may think you’re in a spirited debate with your Filipina partner she may be thinking “does this guy not shut up?” It’s hard to swallow your pride and accept defeat sometimes (most of the time) but it may be better to just bury the hatchet and concede at times especially if the issue isn’t even that big to begin with. You’ll have other opportunities to voice your alternative views but not in the line of fire.

Subjugate her to a gender role: Filipinas can be the most loving and loyal partner to the extent they will treat you like a king. But don’t ever make the mistake of thinking she really thinks you’re above her. Just because she enjoys cooking or making the house doesn’t mean you can pin that “homemaker” label on her. Instead, return the favour and treat her like a queen and do your fair share of the house work.