Love and Traveling. The two are usually are uttered in the same sentence unless you’re some kind of a hodophobe or aviaphobe (in which case we are truly sorry for you). With traveling you not only get to indulge your senses and broaden your experiences but you get to meet new people. A chance to visit another city or country is a chance to get to interact firsthand with the people and maybe even find love.

With countless cities across the world it’d be literally impossible to visit each. So we did some research and compiled a list based off of the critiques of travel experts from six dating, lifestyle and/or traveling websites to see which cities were a popular choice for the dating game.

We put the expert opinion and decided to help dispel some of the clichés and bring the hype down a notch by giving an alternative viewpoint. After all, if we’re going to be looking for a relationship, we need to have objectivity to maintain our standards and minimize heartache.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Listed: Twice (Travel Channel, BBC)
Highest Ranking: #1 (BBC)

The second-largest metropolitan area in Latin America is also the birthplace of tango and is popular for its European-style architecture. This city, brimming with dance, romance and a robust nightlife that “lasts until 8 or even 10 in the morning” is definitely a wonderful place to get your romantic juices flowing.

THE CATCH: While romances are known to spark fast they can burn out just as quickly. The city is also known as being a flighty city where romances are brief and one-night stands are prevalent. “Chamuyeros” better known as smooth-talking seducers prowl the cities and women looking for deeper more meaningful connections should be vigilant

8. Paris, France

Listed: Twice (TheRichest, Trip Hobo)
Highest Ranking: #1 (both sites)

Historically considered as the “City of Love” and one of the most romanticized cities and it barely made the list? What blasphemy is this? With that said, if you’re looking for romance, you can’t go wrong with Paris. French is still one of the sexiest accents while the city is home to some of the world’s finest art, food and people.

THE CATCH: Paris if the city of love and there are many French denizens who have made an art form out of the romance. French like to flirt and while that is all fun and games to some, the uninitiated may be in for a rude awakening if what they perceive is a go-ahead sign turns out to just be a false alarm. The French also like to be in inclusive groups, which can make it hard for foreigners to break in.

7. Chicago, USA

Listed: Three Times (CN Traveler, TheRichest, Trip Hobo)
Highest Ranking: #5 (CN Traveler and TheRichest)

People date for many reasons and romance doesn’t always have to be a crucial element to it. Chicago was surprisingly ranked in three of the six sites with it apparently being a hotbed for people in the financial and technological industries to find dates.

THE CATCH: A study reported by CBS also shows Chicago as the 133rd ranked American city for dating. The cause? The city is rated as 15th most expensive for restaurants and eighth in movies and also didn’t fare well for online dating. Maybe try dating one of the financial gurus in the city to help alleviate this issue.

6. Montreal, Canada

Listed: Three Times (CN Traveler, Trip Hobo, BBC)
Highest Ranking: #4 (BBC)

A very interesting city that sets itself apart from the rest of Canada. Montreal has more of a European vibe to it with its relaxed atmosphere and a heavy focus on arts and culture. By day Montreal is a perfect place for chilling out and dating while at night, well, let the phrase “good girls go to heaven and bad girls go to Montreal” speak for itself.

THE CATCH: While in France, the men traditionally initiates the contact, in Montreal it is actually the women who do the work. This might seem great for guys but women may have to uh, “grow a pair” and work on their approach, something many are probably not used to.

5. San Francisco, USA

Listed: Three Times (CN Traveler, Travel Channel, WDish)
Highest Ranking: #4 (CN Traveler)

You can make a strong case that this American beauty of a city is the love capital of the world. Known also as the “Paris of the West”, San Francisco was home to the Summer of Love and the gay rights movement as well as the “Free Love” and Peace Movements of the 60s. It has cool summers with breathtaking scenery, a perfect place to just kick back and love life.

THE CATCH: There’s plenty of reasons San Fran is the reverse of what we just said. For one, there’s a great deal of focus on the tech industry and many men are just not the most sociable kind (but on social media they can be extraordinarily different if you get the drift). A lot businesses are startups so it gets very competitive very quickly. There’s also a lot of polyamory going on so trying to find someone serious could be tricky. And yeah there’s a lot more but we don’t want to sink this whole article into a sea of cynicism so we’ll cut it there.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Listed: Three Times (Travel Channel, TheRichest, Trip Hobo)
Highest Ranking: #3 (Travel Channel)

Tokyo simply put is one of the alpha cities of the world. You can fill a laundry list with the awards and #1 rankings the city gets on an annual basis but two of them include being #1 in TripAdvisor’s World City Survey in “Shopping” and “Nightlife”. According to Trip Hobo, “gokon” or “group blind dating” is also all the rage in the city and a good chance to meet new people and potential love interests.

THE CATCH: The Japanese invent pretty much everything and just look at this list of weird social services made just for women to pretty much illustrate how socially inept and lonely people can get in Tokyo. Hey, there’s always cuddle services or virtual hentai for the desperate.

3. Sydney, Australia

Listed: Four Times (WDish, Travel Channel, TheRichest, CN Traveler)
Highest Ranking: #1 (WDish)

Sydney is by some surveys, the world’s most livable city. The standards as measured with education, employment rate, health care, entertainment etc. ranks in the top ten at least. According to’s recently surveyed residents, the city (along with Paris and London) is a “coral reef” – full of exotic prospects but patrolled by an odd Hammerhead shark or two. Did we mention sexy Australian accents yet?

THE CATCH: A high standard of living leads to a really high standard of dating. As mentioned above, Sydney can quickly degenerate into a jungle for daters competition is stiffer than an overcooked steak. People put in the work in their jobs and don’t settle for less so why would they do the same for their love life?

2. London, England

Listed: Four Times (Travel Channel, WDish, TheRichest, Trip Hobo)
Highest Ranking: #2 (WDish)

Copy and paste what was said about Sydney and replace sexy Australian accents with British accents. Other than that, London’s metropolitan area is brimming with a ton of activity and a ton of people it’d be tough not to bump into someone, literally. A city rich in history with a ton of landmarks like the London Bridge, which is a cliché but classic photo op for any couple.

THE CATCH: It’s a big city and the list can be endless. Let’s just rattle off. Firstly, people are generally busy and rude to each other. People also suffer from that big metropolitan issue of looking aloof, being hurried or too impersonal to really let themselves get known. And we haven’t even covered how expensive the city can get.

1. New York City, USA

Listed: Four Times (Travel Channel, WDish, TheRichest, Trip Hobo)
Highest Ranking: #1 (Travel Channel)

Surprise, surprise? The world’s largest city where you can literally do anything in is number one on the list. Outside having over 20 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, the city also rakes in a ton of tourists including 56 million alone from 2014. The landmarks to visit are endless and each bureau is like a city. But one word of caution is how competitive the dating scene can get especially for women but hey, competition breeds excellence, no?

THE CATCH: What applies to London and Sydney can apply here but in Spades. The dating scene can be constantly changing since people could be looking out for the bigger, better deal. Many New Yorkers are always on the search, never settling down for fear of uh, settling. This is why “ghosting” is quite the norm in this city. You meet the partner of your dreams today only for them to be a ghost the next day.

That concludes the list. Take whatever said here with a grain of salt and whether you’re a glass is half full or glass is half empty kind of person, just realize dating is never really that easy and whichever city you go to will present its own unique set of challenges. Best of luck!