Interracial dating may have been a taboo in the past but it’s quite common today. Studies show almost all millennials accept interracial dating and marriage and in the U.S., a country still filled with racial tension, 87% approve black-white marriage, a significant step up from the 4% in 1958.

In a perfect world, people would just date whoever they wanted to without paying attention to each other’s religion, race or socioeconomic background but reality doesn’t reflect this especially when it comes to interracial dating.

Specific races have more liberty to date than others. Asian men and black women statistically appear to have more difficulties reeling in mates from other races while on the flipside, white men and Asian women have it easier. In fact, Asian women receive the most attention in the online dating world and are the most likely to date and/or marry interracially (excepting Native Americans).  

But why are they the most desired? There are more to statistics than meets the eye but all these are undisputable evidence on the date-ability of Asian women. We attempt to provide possible reasons on this ongoing phenomenon:

Strong Online Presence: Asian women receive the most attention on the online dating world probably because Asians in general are hyperactive online. Over 80% of Asian-American households have Internet use, the highest rate among race and ethnic groups. Asians in general spend the most time on the internet. What Asians do on the net is another thing. Online gaming, social media perusing and general web surfing are all likely activities but online dating will factor in at some point.

“White-Washed”: “Yellow Fever” gets thrown around a lot and the men are usually considered the perpetrator with interracial unions but sometimes it’s the women who actively seek to date outside their race. In particular, Asian women have a preference for white men and are the most prominent example of a specific ethnic group who prefers dating men outside their own race. Many factors could be behind this but a popular reason is the assimilation of Asian-American women into predominant Anglo-Saxon American culture or “white-washing” as it is known colloquially.

More open-minded: it may be more of a case of Asian women having more lasting power than their white counterparts. The surveys also showed white women’s tendency to prefer only white partners whereas Asian women are open to dating almost any race. White women statistically have significantly higher divorce rates when wed to a non-white spouse. In contrast, Asian women have lower ratios.

Asian women have also reportedly been easier to approach as many have a more casual and less pretentious demeanour. Not that every person looking to date looks up statistics but it’s a signifier on why Asian women are highly sought after not just as dates but as spouses.

Hyperfemininity: whereas Asian men are desexualized, the opposite holds true for Asian women. Earlier media created a stereotype that Asian women were some kind of ever-faithful hypersexual wife-to-be’s a.k.a. “China Dolls”. The stereotype is bogus but plenty of Asian women are perceive to be more submissive than their white and black counterparts. Many Asian women are also raised in a culture where the woman is raised to be subservient to the men and while most Asian-Americans reject that notion, the influence is apparent in many of them. Asian women on average are also petite by average and true to gender roles, most men prefer women to be smaller and more “ladylike”. 

There’s no one real answer to why Asian women stastically are the most popular. Times change fast and in a period of globalization and vast transparency, these numbers may look drastically different within five to ten years. But as of now, Asian women still lead interracial dating and it’s become ubiquitous.