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Last year, The Richest, Match.com and Statista all came together to expose the world’s ten most adulterous countries based off of percentage of married adults who confessed to having an affair. Now these stats are to be taken with a grain of salt and in no way suggests literally half a country’s married population are screwing around.

Instead of trying to reinvent the list by looking for more cheaters, we decided to delve into what causes this cheating phenomena among these particular nations and match the numbers with what we could find. Some reveal something about the culture while others only make it more confusing:

Denmark (46%), Norway (40%), and Finland (36%)

We’re stunned the countries with the highest scored living conditions still find reasons to be unhappy in relationships. It’s interesting to note Sweden isn’t a part of this or even Iceland. The countries bear different flags but have similar cultures and lifestyles. Finland believes in “parallel relationships” and are relatively open-minded when it comes to affairs but for countries known for long winters, the summer times are short and Victoria Milan noticed a trend to their cheating site: the registrations increased to 78% during heatwaves.

Germany (45%)

This is the shocker of the group. Germans are often considered to have a work-efficient and responsible. It’s why they make so many great things and have the almighty German national football team. But 60% of polled Germans find infidelity to be morally acceptable. 43% of women have confessed to affairs leading all women in Europe. After scouring the net on why Germans cheat however, we can only confirm their cheating ways extends to online gaming.

Italy (45%)

To put it frankly, cheating isn’t so much an issue in Italy as it is in North America. Even some of their former leaders were famous for ‘bunga bunga’ parties and were convicted for soliciting underage sex workers (eww). It says something about how much more lightly Italians take cheating because they aren’t automatic relationship enders. Both parties still suffer but forgiveness is a big thing or most of the men just take after their playboy predecessor, Casanova.

France (43%)

Like in Italy, cheating isn’t really an issue in France. Only 47% view infidelity as “morally unacceptable”, which bodes particularly well for the men. 55% reportedly have admitted to cheating on their significant. 63% of French people believe it is possible to love someone for life without being faithful to them. France has long been viewed as a country of art and free love. It makes perfect sense. A lot of artists sleeping around? Shocker.

Spain (39%)

Times are getting harder and things are getting more expensive. One of those expensive things happens to be divorce. Divorce rates in Spain were at a whopping 61 per cent, the highest in Europe. Instead of seeing an attorney, they just decided to see Ashley Madison instead. The Canadian website reported over 1.3 million Spaniards have signed up on the site since 2010. I guess the slogan could now read: “cheating is cheaper than divorce.”

United Kingdom (36%)

The Brits aren’t traditionally known as the kinkiest bunch despite 42% of British men admitting to cheating in a separate poll of 5,000. Not only are the Brits as a whole the lowest scoring here but also the highest scoring in post-adultery remorse with half admitting to regretting their actions. But a quick google search on “UK cheating” led to the “Best Affair Sites For Married People in UK” and skimming through this fairly thorough website makes us think the 36% may be a bit of a downplay.


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