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Traveling is a lot fun. It’s also very difficult. It becomes even more fun and more difficult when you have to do it with your significant other, as several blogs and users online have shared. We scoured the web to find the many different experiences couples shared about their journeys. Some stories were uplifting, some heartbreaking, but all of them had one thing in common: they were life-changing.

Using all these valuable information, we created a list on why you should or shouldn’t travel as a couple.


You want to change how you see each other. One of the greatest things about traveling is how it reveals more about yourself and your partner than it does of the world. Traveling will put both of you out of your comfort zone (oh, you’ll see this word a lot!) It will test you mentally, physically and emotionally and reveal parts of yourselves you wouldn’t otherwise see at the safe confines of home.

You will discover new things about each other. This will give you more insight into yourselves and each other, which leads to the next point…

You want to take your relationship to the next level. When couples fail to grow, they get stuck in a rut. It’s like that stage when you stop gaining or losing weight at the gym. Or when you get stuck in a job doing the same thing over and over. It’s not fun, at all! A couple fails to grow when they settle in a comfort zone.

Traveling will fix that by putting you in entirely new situations that will force you to grow. It will force you to communicate better. To deal with situations together. To look at things differently. It may get very difficult and emotional but as the saying goes, “growth and comfort do not coexist.”

You want to improve your intimacy. It’s scientifically proven: traveling will improve your sex life. Or at least it will boost your dopamine levels, which will make you want to have more sex among other things. A change of scenery can lead to a fresher perspective on life and your relationship and parlaying with the last point, going through the highs and lows of traveling can really improve your intimacy with your partner. Plenty of room for makeup sex, angry sex or making love…

You want to have fun! This portion is sponsored by Captain Obvious. Traveling is fun! But traveling with a partner can make it more fun. Those long train rides won’t be as long anymore. Activities that require a partner will be more accessible. It will be less intimidating going into social occasions or parties or festivals. It will be so much easier to take photographs. We can keep going but you get the point.


You don’t want to leave your comfort zone. As mentioned earlier, traveling will force you to engage in new experiences and this may be a bit intimidating for people who don’t want to mess with what they have going on. Maybe routine is heaven to some couples. Or maybe you’re just not ready to take that next step and need more time. After all, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

You don’t want to fight. A lot. There are many benefits to fighting. It’s actually healthy for couples to fight every once in a while. It’s one sign of making sure you both still have a pulse. When it comes to traveling, you’ll probably fight each other more than if you were at home. Dealing with all kinds of things like travel budget, itineraries, what activities to do and what places to see all under time constraints will be very stressful. Words will be exchanged. Things will be thrown. And the whiny eight-year-old in you will be unleashed. If this already sounds scary on paper, then maybe taking a couple’s trip may not be the best idea just yet.

You need a lot of alone time. This goes without saying for introverts, who have been confirmed to require more “me time” than extraverts. But even the most gregarious of extraverts will get burnt out if they can’t spend at least a few moments to themselves. If you’re traveling with a partner, alone time will be at a minimum. There are many ways to work around it but if you’re the type that disappears and forgets about having a partner then maybe hold off on the vacation plays.

You’re not ready to face the truth. There’s a joke that says, we don’t really meet people but rather their public relations representative. What this implies is that we, as people like to put on a mask we show to the public. Even when you become intimate with your partner, they may not completely reveal who they are to you and vice versa. The longer you spend with your partner, the more you’ll realize how many secrets you keep from them and how many questions you have for them.

Eventually, both of you will have to face the music and ask each other the tough questions. Or maybe you’ll slip up and say or do something you’ll regret but you really couldn’t hold it in any longer. When you’re traveling as a couple, these tend to happen more often than not. And if you’re just not ready to take that risk, sit your butt at home.

All about Timing

In the end, whether you should or shouldn’t travel together all comes down to preference and timing. But if you’re serious about each other, traveling together should be emphasized as a necessary tool for growth. Just remember, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. 

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